Russell Wilson x Pete Carroll: Trick Shots w/ Dude Perfect (Video)

russIf you’ve never seen Dude Perfect videos on YouTube, it’s time to catch up. These guys are pretty much good at everything that involves any ball, a target, and extreme obstacles/conditions. This time they’ve teamed up with Seattle’s very own Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll to show off some tricks.

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Marshawn Lynch’s Incredible Post-Game Interview (Video)


Marshawn wearing Strideline “Quake” socks during this year’s game vs. the Dallas Cowboys

Our guy Marshawn Lynch doesn’t love talking to the media, he’s just all about that action (boss). So it’s no surprise that he didn’t have much to say when they tried to interview him after the Hawks beat the Cardinals on Sunday. The NFL keeps threatening Marshawn with fines so this time he sat down and talked to the media. Probably didn’t answer the way they wanted to but still made for some great footage.

We think it’s awesome how Marshawn carries himself. His main focus is winning the game and helping out his Fam First Foundation back home in Oakland. Can’t hate on that one bit. Marshawn has also been known to be a top member of The New Crew wearing our socks during a couple of big games now (pictured above).

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Wale vs. Jerry Seinfeld (Sneaker Talk)


Wale and Jerry Seinfeld have been going back n’ forth on lots of topics recently, but the one that stood out to us the most was this conversation about sneakers. Jerry didn’t really understand how someone could have 500 of anything, but Wale had a different view on the topic.

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Tiny Cardboard iPhone Charger


Being that we’re heavy on mobile social media and keeping up with our supporters, the phones around this office get drained really fast (especially if we’re on the go). Ran into this article today about these small cardboard chargers and think it’s beyond a great idea. Just carry these around with you and plug them in to get some extra time. No word yet on when and where you can get these, but we’re assuming with the high demand they’ll be available soon. Click HERE for the full article and more info.

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Iman Shumpert w/ Sick Reverse Dunk (Video)


Don’t forget that Iman Shumpert is one of the most exciting players in the league right now. Seems like dude gets slept on a little too much and we have no idea why. Maybe this dunk will wake some people up. Take a look at the video below.

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Nike Lunar Control 3

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 1.49.31 PM

Probably one of the cleanest golf shoes we’ve seen from Nike so we had to share. This right here is the Nike Lunar Control 3 and being that a lot of us here at Strideline love to golf, these might end up on the Holiday wish list. Here’s some more info…

“Nike Golf introduces the Lunar Control 3, which the brand claims to be the ultimate lightweight performance golf shoe. Designed with input from current #1 golfer in the world, Rory McIlroy, the Lunar Control 3 features a lightweight but ultra stable design achieved by an additional spike plate in the forefoot and extra traction on the outside of the leading edges. The shoe is also designed with a wider base and carbon fiber midfoot shank to further increase stability through your swing. Like the Lunar Control 3’s predecessors, the design also come equipped with Flywire support for its upper and Lunarlon cushioning in the midsole. The Nike Lunar Control 3 will be available beginning January 1st and select Nike Golf retailers, and will also be on NIKEiD for customization starting on Jan. 12. Limited quantities of the white and volt colorway seen here will be sold at for four days starting November 28th.”


1nik 2nik 3nik 4nik

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Kevin Hart clowns on Jameis Winston in Locker Room (Video)

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 1.03.19 PM

Haha this was pretty good. As we all know Jameis Winston has made some pretty poor decisions in his past, but still remains as one of the best QBs in college football and looking towards a brighter future. Even though he’s probably tired of hearing about the past, Kevin Hart doesn’t care. He walks into that FSU locker room and let’s Winston know exactly how he feels. Check out the footage below.

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