Our Story:
We started Strideline™ in 2009 with a mission to provide athletes and polished individuals with distinctly colored, performance oriented crew socks that inspire a feeling of confidence and swagger that is unparalleled by any other sock company in the world.

Our story began even before we started selling socks. The two of us were born in the same hospital, a couple hours apart. We grew up in the same neighborhood, attended the same elementary, middle, and high school and currently both study at the University of Washington. How this strangely similar upbringing translated into a strangely similar passion for socks we have yet to sort out. Nonetheless, in the spring of 2009, two months shy of our high school graduation, we started our company – then called Sea Town Lax.

Our idea was to meet the demand in Seattle for colored crew socks that were not simply an afterthought – but a distinctive part of an outfit. Though we had no college degree, no professional background, no credibility to raise investment, no retail experience, and no idea how to start a company we were confident that if we could get our product out to customers, they would share the passion that we had for our concept. To fund our first order, we pooled together our graduation money and sent it to a manufacturer for our first 1000 pairs with the Seattle city skyline. With the enthusiasm and support from our loyal customers, we were sold out in just three weeks.

Now available in retail stores throughout the country, our success in Seattle has propelled us into new markets. In fall 2012, we launched six new city socks to add to our line:  Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, St. Louis, Chicago and New York.   With plans to launch additional cities in the coming months, we continue to improve our product and offerings – and now, you know you are getting an original Strideline™ by the S that you’ll see on the back of all of our socks.

Our Customers: 
We hold our customers as the number one priority of Strideline. Since the early stages of our existence our growth has been fostered by the loyal customers who have fiercely supported us and we continue to exist today because of the community of customers who proudly wear Strideline crew socks. We pledge to our customers that we will tirelessly work to maintain a product mix that keeps our customers on the cutting edge of the crew sock industry.

We thank you for your support of Strideline™. Enjoy “The New Crew”.

Jake Director and Riley Goodman, Co-Founders

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