Adaptable Sneaker Boutique by UP


We’re always out looking for new innovative ways to enhance your shopping experience with us whether it’s through the site or retailers we’re available in. Making a big splash in the sneaker community recently, we’ve seen a lot of really amazing concepts and ideas along the way. Here’s an example of something we had to share today. The Adaptable sneaker boutique by UP.

“New York-based architecture and design firm UP introduces the adaptable sneaker boutique. Featuring a centralized construction, the custom sneaker display consists of five 8′ x 8′ units with each unit able to rotate 360 degrees, allowing for quick and easy customization to the retail space. White panels decorating the outer edges add a contemporary flair to the display units as fixed wheels provide additional flexibility. Capable of presenting a sizable amount of sneakers, the one-of-a-kind display model combines retail function with a unique contemporary aesthetic. The adaptable sneaker boutique by UP is featured at sneaker and clothing store Authentix in Claremont, CA.







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