Audi x Heimplanet Inflatable Camping Tent


Here’s something to feast your eyes on. Audi teams up with Heimplanet to give us something much different than the norm. Check out the description from HypeBeast below.

“New from Audi and German outdoor brand Heimplanet is an outdoor accessory that looks to makes camping a lot more comfortable – at least if you’re an Audi driver. Audi has employed Heimplanet’s innovative inflatable tent technology (which cleverly eliminates the need for poles) and modified it to fit to the back of its Q3 crossover. The fully detachable tent – based on Heimplanet’s “Cave” model – fits three people, can be inflated in about 10 minutes with a fraction of the effort it takes to set up traditional tents, and the company says it’s strong enough to withstand winds of up to 43 miles per hour. While it may not be “roughing it” in the traditional sense, it’s definitely the most convenient way to enjoy a night under the stars. For all you Audi drivers, take a look above at the Audi x Heimplanet tent for your next adventure, selling now for $1,590 USD. Head here to view other offerings from Heimplanet.”


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